HTC M7 - fake render

There is a lot of excitement surrounding the rumored HTC M7, enough so to lead to fans coming up with what is reportedly a fairly accurate render.

While at first believed to be a real render of the HTC M7, PocketNow has been able to talk with sources who have seen actual pictures of the device that say it isn’t 100 percent accurate, but it’s very close. Of particular note is that the sources have confirmed that the button layout at the bottom is correct, and the Home button has indeed been moved to the far right. We’re not quite sure why HTC would want to change the arrangement of the buttons, but we’ll see how it impacts performance when we get our hands on one in the coming months.

The HTC M7 is shaping up to be a gorgeous phone with a lot of horsepower under the hood. We’ll hopefully be getting a look at it at Mobile World Congress next month in Barcelona, for now we’ll just have to enjoy this speculative render.