Verizon HTC One-Lock Screen

HTC has received approval for its Android 5.0 Lollipop update for One M7 handsets on T-Mobile, and the company will begin rolling the software out to users over-the-air on Tuesday, March 10, it has confirmed.

"We've received technical approval on the L OS and OTA will start on Tuesday," said HTC Product Manager Mo Versi in a tweet to T-Mobile customers on Saturday.

Just like other Lollipop updates, this one will include lock screen notifications and an overhauled notifications panel, improved multitasking, and new features like Smart Lock. It will also bring significant improvements to performance and battery life.

HTC's Sense user interface prevents users from enjoying Material Design as Google intended it, but they will enjoy some visual improvements to HTC's own applications instead.

HTC was unable to meet its own 90-day deadline for Lollipop updates for One series devices, but the Taiwanese firm has continued to work quickly to bring the latest software to its users.

If you haven't already received it on your One M7 or One M8, then, you can be sure it's not too far away now. And if you're upgrading to the new One M9, you can expect it to be pre-installed right out of the box — along with HTC's new Sense 7 user interface.