Just one week after losing the leader of its mobile division, HTC is cutting employees and consolidating teams.

The Taiwanese company has decided to merge its mobile and virtual reality businesses into one group amid layoffs impacting employees based in the United States. HTC is reorganizing its corporate structure following the departure of Chialin Chang earlier this month. His resignation coincided with yet another month in which the company’s sales took a big hit.

Here’s what HTC told The Verge about its changes:

“We have recently brought our smartphone and VR businesses under common leadership in each region. Today, we announced a restructure in North America for the HTC smartphone business that will centralize the reporting structure within the region. In doing so, there have been some employee reductions to align the businesses and empower the teams to share more resources.”

It’s certainly tough to hear some men and women at the company are losing their jobs, but HTC’s been struggling in recent years to remain stable. A decision like this was bound to happen, unfortunately.

Reports suggest up to 100 people have been let go during this round of layoffs.

The next move for HTC is unclear. While the U12 is planned for a release sometime this spring, history doesn’t seem like it’s favoring a comeback. HTC might have to consider selling the rest of its mobile division at some point before the company just runs out of money altogether.