The mobile gold rush is in full effect. Following intense interest around Apple's gold iPhone 5s, companies have responded by introducing shades of gold to their own smartphones. But none are quite literally blinging like HTC's new 18ct gold One, which the company's UK division introduced on Tuesday in celebration of the 18th anniversary of the MOBO Awards. Only five exist, so you better get your wallet ready.

The device, unsurprisingly, was made in partnership with Goldgenie, which is known for selling gold, platinum and rose smartphones at obscene prices; this iteration is valued at roughly $4,430. If you have disposable income, knock yourself out, though nothing is being changed internally, so you're still getting the same experience as someone who owns a silver or black version.

According to the HTC's press release, Goldgenie "has previously made bespoke phones for Denzel Washington, Will Smith and Kate Moss," meaning you can join an elite category of human by simply owning a small pocket computer. The device still isn't all that old, though it has passed the half year mark; in technology time, it won't be long until the One is ancient—at least yours will be 18ct gold.

Since the device is being introduced to celebrate a ceremony, the phone will be presented to the winner of Best Newcomer category in Glasgow on Oct. 19. "The limited edition Gold HTC One is the most exclusive and expensive smartphone ever created by HTC." And hopefully not a trend other companies will follow in the future.