HTC Inspire 4GThe winners for our HTC Inspire 4G Giveaway have been chosen, and now it's time to find out who they are!

First off, a thank you to AT&T for teaming up with TechnoBuffalo to give away these HTC Inspire 4G handsets.  And secondly, a huge thank you to everyone who came by to enter the contest by leaving comments.  We greatly appreciate your support!

All told there were over 17,000 entries.  Once we eliminated those that entered after the deadline, they were all exported into an Excel spreadsheet and then we used the random number generator at to pick the winning comments.

Our first winner is … Darius Dee Harrison from the United States.

The second winner is … Jonathan Canton from El Salvador.  (he will be sent $250 via PayPal for living outside of the AT&T service area)

For our other prizes, the winners of the Jawbone Icon headsets are:

Jawbone Icon #1: Unni Philip from the United States

Jawbone Icon #2: Dejan Pavlovic from Serbia (will receive $50 via PayPal for being outside the country)

Jawbone Icon #3: Daniel Mads Hansen from Denmark (will receive $50 via PayPal for being outside the country)

Once again, thank you to everyone who entered, and we will be contacting the winners shortly about getting their prizes to them.  For those who didn't win, don't give up hope, and be sure to check back for more giveaways in the near future!