Ahead of its March 25 announcement, HTC continues to hype up features in its All New HTC One. We don't actually hear what information HTC wants to share of course, but the company strongly hints we'll see some major Ultrapixel improvements when the new device hits. Camera technology is hugely important in today's market, and the unusual dual arrangement we've seen featured in all the leaks will no doubt be a big focus come later this month. We still don't know, however, the exact specs we'll see in the company's new handset.

When the HTC One launched last year, the company made a huge fuss over its 4-"ultrapixel" camera, declaring the "era of the megapixel" was over. Nobody told that to Nokia. which packed a 41-megapixel camera in the Lumia 1020, or any of the other smartphone makers that continue to push the megapixel count. HTC tried something new, and while the technology worked for the most part, 4-ultrapixel shots don't really give users the kind of flexibility you'd get with a 41-megapixel photo. They sure do look nice in low-light, though.

"And the new HTC One has added a…" the lab geek begins saying in the video before his voice is muffled. A second lens and sensor? Well, yes, we know that. But how will it affect the overall experience? And will consumers care? Maybe. We'll have to see what improvements HTC is making before we can decide.

Samsung's recently announced Galaxy S5 put plenty of emphasis on the camera experience, and you can bet Nokia will continue to improve its own camera technology. We're only a few weeks away from knowing exactly what kind of ultrapixel improvements HTC has made when the new phone is unveiled at its announcement later this month. In the meantime, feast on one of the more recent All New HTC One leaks, which features a rather unusual flip cover design that may give owners an easy way to quickly glance at information.