HTC is re-thinking its entry into the fitness market.

After promising to release the GRIP, a fitness tracker announced earlier this year, the company has decided to hold off for now. But it’s not all bad news from the Taiwanese company. HTC still wants to get into fitness… someday.

According to an official HTC statement, the company still has plans to test the activity tracking waters. Just not until later this year.

Rather than releasing what HTC showed off in March, the company says it has plans to align the device with an entire portfolio of new products. So basically the company has delayed one wearable, and is now promising an entire lineup of new devices as a consolation.

“This will be a state-of-the-art comprehensive portfolio of products for this category powered by UA RECORD,” HTC said in a statement provided to TechnoBuffalo.

It’s unclear what this new portfolio will consist of: a band? Watch? Necklace? Glasses? Socks? Overalls? The GRIP was a rubber bracelet very similar to the many other rubber bracelets on the market. It included a touch-sensitive P-OLED display, a GPS module, and compatibility with Under Armour’s RECORD fitness database.

Perhaps the device just didn’t differentiate itself enough, or needed more work before being made available to consumers. It always stinks when a company decides to delay/cancel products, but if this means HTC will offer something great later this year, then so be it.