HTC Golf image

Test photo taken with the HTC Golf. We have no idea what it is.

The HTC Golf is believed to be an entry-level Android handset from the Taiwanese smartphone giant that could become one of the first budget handsets to ship with Google’s latest Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. The device itself is yet to show its face, but the image above is purportedly a photograph taken with the device.

The accompanying EXIF data doesn’t reveal a great deal of information, but PocketNow, who obtained the image above, have been able to get their hands on some specifications. In addition to the Ice Cream Sandwich OS, the device is expected to feature a “sub-gigahertz processor,” a HVGA display smaller than 3.5 inches diagonally, 512MB of RAM, and 4GB of internal storage.

You can also expect a microSD card slot, and HSDPA connectivity at 7.2Mbps. The Golf is scheduled to arrive during the second quarter of 2012, according to PocketNow’s report, boasting a “rainbow of colors.” And in case you’re unfamiliar with HTC leaks, “Golf” is likely (hopefully) to be merely a codename that will change before the handset reaches market.

The device is worlds apart from the high-end, flagship handsets that HTC unveiled at Mobile World Congress last month. But the fact that it runs Ice Cream Sandwich could make it one of the most appealing entry-level handsets we’ve seen so far this year. We’ll save our full opinion until those specifications are confirmed, however.

Do you think you’ll be interested in the HTC Golf?

[via PocketNow]