HTC first-Box 2

If you're in the mood to have Facebook in every corner of your phone, the HTC First is now up for sale at AT&T.

You can pick up the HTC First for $99.99 on a two year contract, or you can snag it for $449.99 if you wish to buy it outright. The phone is currently available in black, blue, red and white. You can check out our HTC First unboxing we did yesterday if you want to see what to expect.

If you don't wish to buy a whole new phone for the Facebook Home experience, the software is due to be released in the Google Play store at some point today. You can also check out our quick tour of the software if you aren't sure this is something you want taking over your phone.

Now comes the point where we wait and see if this was something the world really was waiting for or not. Do you have any interest in the First or putting the software on your phone?