htc apple liquidmetal

According to Digitimes, HTC is considering implementing Liquidmetal for its next generation of smartphones later this year. The Taiwanese company is reportedly looking to collaborate with nearby chassis manufacturer Jabon International on the new project. Both HTC and Jabon declined to comment on the rumors.

Apple has also considered making the jump to super strong Liquidmetal for the past few years, recently renewing a two year contract with U.S.-based Liquidmetal Intellectual and hiring a new team of experts.

If the rumors are true then HTC and Apple may be racing to release the first Liquidmetal smartphone. The Taiwanese company certainly isn’t taking any chances, recruiting a Japanese research and development team to work with Jabon International. However, HTC may run into trouble as Apple has already made efforts to secure the Liquidmetal market, striking deals with Foxconn as well as Catcher Technology and Casetek.