When HTC partnered with Valve to release the Vive, we assumed the company behind classic titles like Half Life and Portal would be the one releasing new virtual reality games. But it turns out the Taiwanese phone maker is ready to be more involved in video game development as well with a new shooter called Front Defense.

HTC is working with a startup, FANTAHORN Studio, which includes current HTC employees. FANTAHORN is working as an “internal startup” working to develop VR content.

HTC teased the game earlier this week ahead of an official unveiling at the upcoming Computex expo in Taiwan. Front Defense is a shooter set in the heat of war. You’ll play as a soldier wielding a variety of weapons including pistols, rifles, submachine guns, hand grenades and anti-tank rockets.

The company is also set to demo a few other VR experiences at the event, some of which are already available on the HTC Vive. That includes a multiplayer game called Ruckus Ridge that sounds like a twist on king of the hill-style competition and Holodia, a fitness experience in a “fantastic environment.” Plus a couple more sci-fi shooters.

We’re pretty excited to see Front Defense in action along with whatever else HTC may have to show off. Computex kicks off next week on May 31 so we should know more pretty soon.

Update: An earlier version of this article stated that HTC had developed Front Defense. Rather Fanthahorn Studio is the developer of Front Defense.