The HTC Desire Z on the T-Mobile network in the US was created by the HTC folks and was announced in mid-September.  Originally it was launched in Europe and Canada though delayed due to Google's "quality-assurance tests".

The device features specifications similar to the ones to the HTC Desire and the HTC Desire HD, however this one comes in a slider form-factor.  The design of the Desire Z includes capacitive face buttons rather than the physical mechanical ones that the Desire features.

The Desire Z includes a newly-improved version of its HTC Sense and includes access to their online services at  The device includes a proximity sensor, a "G-sensor" and an ambiant light sensor showing that it's a feature-packed device!  The phone has what HTC calls their "Fast Boot" feature which is utilized to power the device down in less than 5 seconds.  According to reports, a full boot can be reached by only removing the battery meaning "Fast Boot" is only a type of sleep mode instead of tradition power off methods.

In this video, Jon Rettinger will be giving you a review of the device as well as his full opinions as to whether you should take a look at purchasing this Android.