The Desire from HTC is in essence a Google Nexus One, but with some added goodies. To start, it's got more RAM…576MB versus 512MB. Second, it has an improved hardware design with an optical D-Pad and a more sturdy backing. Third, it seems to have a thicker piece of glass over the screen which makes typing feel a lot better. And finally, it packs HTC's latest version of their Android Sense interface, which now includes a sweet feature called "Leap" that lets you use a two-finger gesture on the home screen to zoom out to see your seven widget-packed home screens. In this video, we show you the hardware, Sense interface, plus compare the web browsing experience with that of the iPhone 3GS.

If you want a Desire, they're selling in Europe right now from outlets such as Clove for £330 or about $510. While this is by no means cheap, it's a bit less than a Google Nexus One. If you import it into the US, you will only get EDGE data on T-Mobile or AT&T, and not 3G. The Desire is unlikely to make it stateside.

What do you think about the Desire? Could this be the best Android device on the market right now?