HTC announced the HTC Desire EYE and the RE Camera yesterday during a global launch event in New York City. At the time we learned that AT&T will sell the HTC Desire EYE exclusively in the U.S., though neither firm revealed exactly when it was going to be available. AT&T announced Thursday that it will sell the new selfie-focused phone in time for the holidays. The carrier will also carry the RE Camera by that time.

AT&T didn’t confirm pricing for the Desire EYE yet, however, it should come in at a mid-range price point. HTC’s Desire family is typically not as expensive as its One-branded smartphones, such as the HTC One (M8). While the HTC Desire EYE is a fantastic device with unique features, such as a 13-megapixel front-facing camera, it’s also built out of plastic — though it’s very solid — instead of more expensive materials like aluminum.

AT&T also didn’t say whether it will carry the blue model and the white/coral model, though its consumer blog only shows the coral-colored version of the Desire EYE.