Motorola will allow you to customize the Moto X when it launches by choosing a variety of colors, accents and more. It wasn't the first company to have a desire to cater to customer's imaginations, however. According to a new report from The Verge, HTC wanted to do the same thing with the HTC 8XT on Sprint. The device is currently available from the carrier, though the customization option was scrapped.

The Verge obtained the above image that shows the "HTC Design Studio." Customers would have had the option to customize the speakers, accents, top and bottom colors of the smartphone, as you can see. Designs could then be shared to social networks including Pinterest, Facebook and Tumblr, and there appears to be an area where you can customize the inscription on the back of the phone, complete with font changes. The Moto X MotoMaker has some of these features; you can choose between 6 colors, 7 accents, create a custom inscription and more.

Apparently the two partners bailed on Design Studio due to "complexity concerns" and cost, The Verge said. Hopefully HTC reconsiders, we'd love to see this become an option in the future.