Daniel Hundt

It’s no secret that HTC spends a lot of time designing its phones — the company’s devices speak for themselves and are among the most well built and beautiful products on the market. CNET’s Crave recently sat down with HTC’s design chief Daniel Hundt to discuss what exactly goes into the design process of HTC’s smartphones and tablets. The answer? A lot.

“We really obsess about every little detail,” Hundt explained to Crave. “Every little button click. How does it feel? We have five, six, seven variations of how we want this button to click — how tight do we want those? Those little lines that create the spin cut [around the camera] — how close do we want those to be together? We think way beyond what anybody could see. Into every button, every speaker detail goes a lot of exploration, a lot of heart and a lot of passion. We are obsessive.”

Hundt explained that HTC specifically tries to focus on three keywords during the device design process: simplicity, human and crafted. “What we mean by human is that the phone at first looks natural,” Hundt explained. “If you look at [the company’s latest phones] if you see the side profile, how it’s curved, it almost feels like a leaf or a feather just fell off a tree and landed on a surface.”

Hundt also said that HTC CEO Peter Chou keeps a close eye on the entire engineering and design process and that, without deadlines, designers would “never be finished.”

Crave’s interview goes in-depth on a variety of topics and is certainly worth the read. After reading it we can’t help but picture Hundt as a master blacksmith who leaves his mark on each product that HTC ships.

[via Crave]