htc cher wang wiki

In an interview with CNBC, HTC co-founder and chairwoman Cher Wang denied that the company would consider accepting a buyout offer or replacing its current CEO, shortly after reporting its first ever quarterly loss last week. Faced with slumping profits and stock prices, Wang argues all that matters in the smartphone industry is innovation.

"We don't need to be taken over. Stock price is really the past. Innovation is the future. I actually never look into the price, it doesn't influence me," she said, adding, "The [ability] of the company to be able to stick with [its] vision is the most important."

HTC's financial issues coupled with disappointing sales for the company's flagship HTC One have some industry analysts predicting that current CEO Peter Chou, who staked his reputation on the device, will step down by choice or possibly be pushed out of his leadership role. Wang says she has no intentions of replacing Chou, noting, "he has a lot of innovative ideas and he's very charismatic with people and also with engineers."

Wang also hinted at the company's upcoming releases, stating, "We are going to have a very interesting roadmap." HTC is expected to release a fingerprint scanner-equipped HTC One Max sometime this fall, at which point it will likely shift its focus to a successor for the current flagship HTC One.