The HTC Cha Cha, which launched in the United States on AT&T as the HTC Status, was generally viewed as a flop. It offered a great keyboard, ran Android and had a dedicated button that provided quick access to Facebook. Still, the final execution of the device was a bit boring and it lacked any real purpose in the market.

Maybe it could have been cooler, though.

The above video was recently published by Evleaks and is allegedly an early render of what HTC had in mind when it designed the user interface for the HTC Cha Cha. The phone's UI was never that smooth, perhaps due to its slow processor, and the concept appears to have a much higher resolution than the actual device did. The widgets are also much more alive looking than the end result. There's even a central control button and a larger dedicated Facebook button than the one that launched on the Cha Cha.

We're not sure the Cha Cha would have been more successful had the phone launched with this user interface and hardware design, but really any refinements would have been an improvement over what ultimately hit the market.