Happy Friday  – in celebration of the end of the week, we have a funny story that might help brighten your day. Most of the time we look at CEO's as super corporate types who ride around in private limousines sipping champagne and eating caviar. HTC CEO Peter Chou is a bit different – at least if he has a meeting to catch.

During Mobile World Congress this week, we here at TechnoBuffalo kept to taking the subways because the taxi lines and traffic are notoriously bad- longer and worse than we've ever seen even during CES in Las Vegas. Chou found himself stuck dead in traffic on his way to a meeting at Fira Barcelona, where the conference was being held.

At the risk of running late for the meeting, he had his cab driver honk at a passing Honda Scoopy moped. The moped stopped and Chou, pointing to the extra helmet on the back, asked for a ride to Fira Barcelona – ultimately getting him to the show in 10 minutes. The driver didn't accept Chou's offer of payment, and drove off back out into the streets of Barcelona.

Chou's now looking for that driver to "compensate him for his gesture." HTC says the moped pilot is about 45-50 years old, was driving a green Honda Scoopy with a yellow Barcelona plate, and pulled up to Fira Barcelona at 8:35 in the morning. Are you that person? Do you know him? HTC wants to know – there's a reward to collect.