HTC Bliss HTC Rhyme

There's really very little left to the imagination when it comes to the HTC Bliss. With lots of speculation in recent months — backed up by leaked specifications and now a leaked press image — we pretty much know all there is to know about the upcoming Android device. Long before HTC would have wanted us to.

The image above, obtained by HTCInside, is reportedly the official press images for the Bliss, which is rumored to be a device aimed at the ladies. Despite that previously leaked image of the device, this is the first that shows it sporting a white and silver look, as opposed to the pale green color that we've seen before. However, as noted by SlashGear, it's possible these images are of an international model — hence weather for Singapore displayed on the screen — and that the pale green one is the device headed to Verizon in the U.S.

That white and silver look suggests the Bliss is the Android alternative to the recently announced HTC Radar, which is powered by Windows Phone 7. The Radar also sports a white and silver shell and a very similar set of specifications. You may remember that press images for this device were also leaked in the weeks leading up to its unveiling.

This press image also gives us a very clear indication of when the HTC Bliss will arrive. Take a close look at the screen and you'll notice the date reads Tuesday, September 20 — the date HTC is scheduled to make an announcement in New York. It's rumored that the device will then lose its Bliss codename and be officially named the HTC Rhyme.

While HTC does an awesome job of churning out some pretty great smartphones, I think the Taiwanese company really needs to put a little more effort into controlling these leaks. This is now the second device — just in the short space of time I've been writing for TechnoBuffalo — that has revealed itself before HTC's official announcement.

Does you like the look of the HTC Bliss/Rhyme?

[via SlashGear]