We really like HTC’s Sense UI. It’s of the best Android skins out there, and even the gimmicky features like Sense Home (formerly BlinkFeed) feel well-designed and polished. The company could lose some of that goodwill, however, if it goes through with alleged plans to bring sponsored ads to the homescreen alternative.

According to Twitter tipster @upleaks, HTC may soon introduce third-party ads along with promotions for its own products. That could include links to download popular mobile games like Clash of Clans, or a nudge to buy HTC’s Re Camera. The ads look just like regular posts, but with a small “Sponsored” tag in the bottom right corner.


There’s nothing inherently wrong with this idea, but it could still backfire pretty easily, and people may simply ignore Sense Home.

It’s also possible we’re looking at a version of Sense Home that HTC plans for other smartphones, in which case the software would be free but ad-supported; yet the version on HTC devices could still ship ad free.