HTC is all set to release its Vive virtual reality headset later this year, but the company also needs plenty of cool content to help sell the new hardware. Now it looks like HTC has found a solution.

The Taiwanese phone-maker recently invested almost $10 million in WEVR, a California-based firm focused on creating virtual reality experiences. The company’s already worked with HTC on TheBlue: Encounter, which puts you face-to-face with an 80-foot whale. Our own Brandon Russell had a chance to try this one out recently and described it as pretty amazing. WEVR also created The Virtual Brainload, a bizarre Google Cardboard app for Adult Swim.

Thanks to its new investment, HTC should be able to push even more content to Vive. There’s also OnWEVR, a grant program that offers money to virtual reality producers with interesting ideas. That could be another source of new videos and games for Vive once it hits the market.

Of course, HTC already has its partnership with Valve, which should mean plenty of games coming to the VR headset. The company it also teaming up with HBO, Lion’s Gate and a ton of other companies. Even so, if HTC wants to compete with Oculus Rift and Sony’s Project Morpheus it may need even more virtual reality content, and WEVR seems like a pretty smart addition.