HTC just announced that it is going to offer the full Zoe 1.0 version of its highlight video and photo social network to Android 4.3+ devices starting today. Additionally, the company said that it will offer an iOS version of Zoe sometime this fall, though it didn’t provide a specific launch date for the service.

Zoe Beta has been available for Android for a few months now and basically allows anyone with a supported Android device, not just HTC devices, to take advantage of the application’s unique features. You can populate Zoe video reels with photos and video clips of your choice that have been captured with your mobile device. There’s also a Web platform at http://zoe.com.

Zoe 1.0 offers plenty of improvements over the Beta including the new option to include just 1-4 pieces of content, allowing you to create quicker 7 second clips, instead of the 8-16 pieces of content required before for a 30 second clip. HTC said its goal is to create more videos that capture the moment, like a quick outing at dinner, instead of an event, like an entire vacation. Additionally, the team redesigned the interface so that it’s clearer which clips belong to which member of your Zoe community — remember it’s a social network after all — and users can now more easily comment, like and remix existing Zoe clips.

There’s also an improved UI clipper to more easily select the content you want to include and to keep the length of your clip right where you want it, whether it’s just 7 seconds long or a full 30 second clip. HTC said it streamlined the ability to tweak the clips, music and theme for each video, including support for trimming audio files down. Finally, HTC added a new side panel that allows you to sign-out easily, and also added support for sharing to Instagram and Facebook.

Android users should see the final Zoe 1.0 app populate today while iOS users will need to wait until later this fall to take advantage of the app.