A couple of leaked photos published on Tuesday suggested that, perhaps, HTC was building an Android Wear smartwatch. It seemed plausible since we’re expecting new Android Wear 2.0 smartwatches as soon as next month, but it won’t be happening. HTC recently confirmed it’s no longer working on an Android Wear smartwatch.

“We’re not going to have an Android Watch,” HTC told Android Police. I can’t say I’m surprised. First, the watch that appeared in photos yesterday was running older Android Wear software, not the newer Android Wear 2.0 builds that are already available to developers and manufacturers.

It chose a fitness band instead

Second, rumors have swirled for years that HTC might build a smartwatch but, ultimately, it launched a fitness band in tandem with Under Armour. It seemed to make more sense, at least considering fitness bands seem to be more popular among consumers than Android Wear smartwatches. My guess is that the leaked images above were an early (or later) part of that relationship and a product that was ultimately scrubbed.

There you have it, no Android Wear smartwatch from HTC next month or for the foreseeable future.