HTC One M9-20

HTC makes some of the best-looking smartphones around, but it has never fully figured out mobile photography. Now a new report claims the Taiwanese company could try something totally original for the rumored HTC Aero launching later this year.

According to HTC Vietnam, the new phone will feature a "groundbreaking" camera with a focus on improvements to processing and brightness. The Aero will reportedly introduce a new photography interface too, along with the ability to store RAW images, better exposure and an aperture of f/1.9. That should mean better low light shots compared to the f/2.2 shooter on the One M9.

Of course, HTC's tried to innovate in the camera space before. The original HTC One (M7) featured a unique UltraPixel camera that performed well in low light situations but didn't really measure up to competing phones that offered more megapixels. The follow-up M8's Duo Camera never really caught on either. Most recently, the One M9 opted for a straightforward 20-megapixel shooter that still leaves a lot to be desired. Hopefully HTC can finally figure out how to make a great smartphone camera for the Aero.

The new phone is expected to launch this November as part of the HTC One family. Rumor has it the "Aero" won't be a flagship phone though. Instead, it will reportedly be more of an "intermediate device." Still, we're excited to see what HTC has planned, especially if the company really does have some new camera technology up its sleeve.