HTC recently released a new video ad for the HTC One A9, its latest U.S. flagship and hero device in Europe. The ad begs us all to fight against the monotony of the iPhone – the device, this ad suggests, that every dummy on the planet carries.

So don’t be a dummy! Get a One A9!

In the commercial, you’ll follow a young man as he runs across a table of the aforementioned dummies, so consumed in the iPhone’s aura that they don’t even notice him kicking a pile of apples in the process. Yes, this appears to be HTC’s way of figuratively kicking the very competitor that some allege it copied. Of course, the silly part of the whole ad is that the A9 actually looks just like an iPhone, so buying it won’t really break you free from anything. But HTC nonetheless asks us to be bold, different, free and loud, and highlights the camera and audio functions as highlight standouts on the A9.

It’s a weird ad. Watch it for yourself below. Oh, and spoiler alert: the guy gets the girl.