HTC is dropping the price of three of its most recent US flagships just in time for Valentine’s Day. Sorry folks, the U Ultra isn’t included in this deal, but the HTC 10, HTC One A9 and the HTC One M9 are, and you’ll save some serious dough.

This is a real picture. I didn’t make it. HTC did.

The HTC 10 is priced at $549, down $150 from its standard $699 price. That’s a pretty solid offer, just keep in mind that it’s no longer HTC’s latest and greatest. That title goes to the aforementioned U Ultra. Next up is the HTC One A9, also known as the “iPhone clone,” another solid device that’ll set you back just $299. That’s down $200 from its standard $499 price. Finally, the HTC One M9, a flagship device from two years ago, is down to $399 from $649, a $250 savings.

Honestly, the HTC 10 is probably the only phone on this list worth buying at this point. I really liked the One A9 but there are better phones in the price point, and the One M9 is just too old at $400. If you can, might as well just save up a bit longer and grab the U Ultra. The sale runs from today through February 17 and includes Free Uh Oh protection. Everyone will also get a free gift (a water mug or a notepad) and some folks will also receive a free charger or even a free phone.

Choice is yours, hit the source.