HTC is rolling out an update to European models of the HTC 10 today. Big whoop, right? It’s not even on the market yet. Well, this is a bit of a big deal, since it issues improvements to software following industry-wide reviews of the smartphone, including our own.

The update, software version 1.30.401.1, delivers, specifically, “performance enhancements” for the camera, improvements to Wi-Fi and changes to improve overall system stability. Here’s a better look at everything included:

1. Improved WiFi connectivity, including Smart MIMO 2. Camera tuning

    • Auto HDR improvements (from 1.88 to 1.67EV)
    • Low light sharpness/brightness improvements Outdoor sharpness improvements
    • Reduced purple noise in Pro mode
    • Modified laser autofocus UI

3. Bug fixes

We didn’t have any particular qualms with the HTC 10 camera, but have generally favored the shooter on the Galaxy S7. Usually, so long as a manufacturer uses a high-end camera module, as HTC did in this case, software tweaks can make a really big difference. This is good news for folks who might have had some minor concerns about camera quality leading into the launch of the smartphone.

The HTC 10 will begin to ship next week in the U.S., and we suspect HTC will continue to offer smaller updates such as this to keep everything performing up to standard. It’s certainly a phone worth looking forward to, even if you already had you eyes set on a Galaxy S7.