Expect to see the popular live trivia game welcome a wave of new users within the next couple weeks. HQ Trivia’s Android app will be ready before Christmas, and that means the hundreds of thousands of people currently playing its daily trivia games are going to be joined by even more competitors.

The service, which was created by two Vine co-founders, gives players the opportunity to win cash prizes just by answering trivia questions. It’s been on the rise among iOS users for the last few months, and Android users have been wondering when they’d be able to get in on the fun. Their wait is almost over. On Twitter, it was confirmed that an Android app will be released on the Play Store sooner rather than later.

Here’s the tweet:

HQ Trivia’s tweet says there’s “a nice little stocking stuffer” on the way for people with Android phones. A specific release date isn’t provided, but the verbiage indicates the app will arrive before Santa Claus drops down chimneys worldwide for Christmas.

Without Android, HQ Trivia is believed to have as many as 400,000 people playing daily.

If you have an iOS device, you can participate in two live trivia games on weekdays. HQ Trivia hosts them at 3PM ET and 9PM ET, and on weekends only the later timeslot is offered. Just show up, answer trivia questions, and maybe you’ll win some money.