Just before the calendar transitioned to 2018, HQ Trivia went live on Android. It puts both iOS and Android devices in the same arena to compete for cash prizes just by answering questions. If you own an Android phone, it’ll need to be running Android 5.1 Lollipop or later. The catch, though, is that the app is listed as “unreleased” and thus should be expected to have bugs surface in some capacity.

The first games since adding a second platform haven’t gone smoothly. HQ Trivia planned to host an event on the final day of the year with an $18,000 pool. Unfortunately, it fell through for many people when the 750,000-player limit was reached. Nearly 1 million people showed up to play on New Year’s Eve.

As more people discover HQ Trivia is now accessible on their Android phones, it’s likely the twice-daily games experience a growing number of problems. The app could barely handle a high influx of users when iOS devices were the only way to play.

Intermedia Labs, the developer behind the live trivia game, initially promised that the app would be available through the Play Store by the end of 2017. Due to the beta-like feel of HQ Trivia on Android so far, it appears the developer wanted to get the app out on New Year’s Eve only to keep its promise. In reality, the app is probably a few more weeks away from being ready for showtime.

If you’re interested, HQ Trivia isn’t difficult to play. Just get the app, register, and wait for a live trivia game to begin. There’s two offered every weekday, taking place at 3PM ET and 9PM ET. On weekends, HQ Trivia reduces the number of games to just the nighttime window. When you’re in a game, host Scott Rogowsky will appear and read questions before answers are displayed. As you get them right, you’ll move up the ladder. Be among the last players standing and you’ll split the cash prize for that game.

Be patient, friends. Intermedia Labs couldn’t have expected HQ Trivia to sweep the nation like this. It’ll take some time to have servers ready for what will likely be over 1 million people playing games daily.

And, if you’re in New York City (or maybe even elsewhere), be on the lookout for Scott. The host’s following is exploding, resulting in appearances everywhere from restaurants and subway rides to Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest. The Quiz Daddy is here to say.