Alongside an army of new devices, HP unveiled today the first ever consumer laptop with built-in motion control using Leap Motion technology, the Envy 17 Leap Motion SE Notebook. The new feature is visible as a black strip on the right side of the computer just below the keyboard, and currently works with a handful of games, though the technology will also be used to enhance the overall Windows 8 experience in the future.

We got a chance to test out Leap Motion for ourselves earlier this summer, and came away impressed but still feeling the new technology wasn't quite ready for daily use. Hopefully, the introduction of computers with built-in gesture control will help give the technology the kickstart it needs as more developers incorporate it into their own software.

The Envy 17 Leap Motion SE Notebook  features a powerful but unspecified processor, and a 17.3-inch 1920 x 1080-pixel touchscreen display. HP also won't reveal exactly when the new computer will hit stores, but pre-orders are expected to open up on Oct. 16 with the laptop's price starting at $1049.