HP keeps promising that it has plans for webOS but those plans are going to have to be pretty minimal at this point. The key members of the HP Enyo team who work on webOS’s HTML5 technology has packed up and left for Google, The Verge reported late Thursday. HP took webOS open-source when it released Enyo 2.0 to developers in January. At the time it said that its roadmap included an open-source webOS 1.0 launch 9 months later (or about October, 2012). The Enyo team will likely contribute to Android development, although it’s unclear exactly what their role will be inside Google.

Those who left HP include Enyo lead Matt McNulty as well as members who are “responsible for 99 percent of the code,” sources told The Verge. Despite the departures, HP says it’s still on track to meeting its webOS 1.0 open source launch later this year. “We’re pleased with the traction Enyo has gained to date and plan to continue its development along with the open source community,” HP said in a statement. “The Open webOS project is on schedule and we remain committed to the roadmap announced in January.”

[via The Verge]