enyoHP’s Enyo team wants to set the record straight. Following a report from Friday that said key members were packing their bags for Google, a blog post from the company wants the world to know the majority of its team remains, development will continue and, in fact, the project is expanding.

It’s true that some key members of the Enyo team have left the company, but the majority of the engineering and leadership team remains, Enyo posted on its blog. We want to reassure you that we’re thrilled with the traction Enyo has gained to date and are redoubling our efforts to continue development, working closely with the community.

Enyo is the HTML5-based application framework from which webOS is built. Yesterday’s report said Matt McNulty, head of Enyo, and team members “responsible for 99 percent of the code” were moving on. That to us sounded like the demise of the project, but not so, according to Enyo’s post. “The core of Enyo 2 is solid,” Enyo said. “We’re hearing great things from developers about the performance improvements in the last release, and we have another release on the way. After that, we’ll focus on expanding the Onyx widget set.”

[via CNET]