An all-touch webOS smartphone has been uncovered from the Bermuda Triangle of mobile oblivion, but sadly it’ll never rest in your pocket. As bad as you want it to sit beside your collection of iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices, this webOS smartphone is a simple prototype developed by HP—codenamed WindsorNot—that was eventually scrapped.

Uncovered by webOS Nation, the device allegedly has identical innards to that of the Pre 3, complete with 4-inch 800 x 480-pixel display. It supposedly runs webOS 3.x, which was also running on HP’s hapless TouchPad. The handset reportedly had a home button similar to the TouchPad rather than a gesture area (like the Pre). Unfortunately, the prototype isn’t very stable and can’t even get past the account setup screen.

The short history surrounding the device, appropriately for webOS, sounds typical of the platform. Allegedly developed under Jon Rubenstein, the device was planned for a 2011 release following the Pre 3. But with limited resources and waning carrier interest, the decision was eventually made to stop development altogether. AT&T was supposedly a candidate for the WindsorNot, but lost interest because the handset was not equipped with LTE support.

The pictures of the device shows what could have been, maybe under a more clear direction and better care. The WindsorNot likely wouldn’t have saved webOS from getting thrown into the leftover mobile abyss, but it could’ve been one heck of a way to go out.