We weren’t sure what to expect when HP announced it was teaming up with fashion designer Michael Bastian to make a new smartwatch earlier this year. Now we’re getting a first look at the device, called the MB Chronowing, before it launches Friday on Gilt.

From a distance, you’d probably mistake the MB Chronowing for a regular watch with its leather wristband, metal frame and chunky physical buttons. It’s also missing the touchscreen, microphone and built-in sensors that we expect to find on each new smartwatch. So what makes it a smartwatch? Well, it still promises to serve up incoming notifications, can display information such as stock prices, sports scores and the weather, allow you to control the music on your phone and, of course, tell you what time it is using a simple black and white LCD. It even packs a built-in light and claims to offer a total of 10 distinct functions.

Bastian says he designed the MB Chronowing to look like a “cool watch” first and foremost, telling The Wall Street Journal that he’s “not so much of a tech guy.” The smartwatch still feeds you notifications with a soft vibration, and the designer says he hopes it will “make you more polite.” The tech inside was developed by HP, and promises to work with any iPhone running iOS 7 or up as well as Android devices running at least 4.3 Jelly Bean.

The MB Chronowing will be available to order on November 7. There’s a $349 standard model as well as a limited edition Black version that comes with sapphire crystal and an alligator strap for $649. There’s no way to pre-order the device today, but you can sign up to be notified as soon as it’s available to purchase.