The future of webOS has been a bit murky since HP bought Palm last spring.  We got hints we would see a webOS-based tablet this year, but that never came to fruition.  When that deadline passed, we thought we might see one at CES 2011, but, again, our hopes were dashed.  Now we’re holding out hope for the webOS event on Feb. 9th,  and a whole new wrinkle has been thrown into what we might see there.

This past Friday HP opened a training site for cell phone store employees on the HP webOS Web Central site.  The idea is to train sales people in the merits of webOS, make sure they’re up-to-date on all of the information so they can better communicate with customers and so on.  To motivate the employees, they earn points for every action they take on the site which then can be redeemed for products or gift certificates to places like Starbucks.

Well, some non-salespeople sat through the training videos according to preCentral, and they were rewarded with hints that webOS is not only coming to slates/tablets, but also to netbooks.

This second image comes from the quiz after the video.

Both of the above images were inside the webOS 101 training video, and it certainly appears to be a clear indication that HP has big plans for the webOS program, it’s just a question of when they will finally be launching any of these new items.

While the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi got so-so reviews for their hardware, people raved about the operating system.  Everyone you talked to agreed on this one point, and it was also the primary reason why HP ended up buying the company.  It’s about time they started seeing a return on their money, but it’s good to see they didn’t just rush out with any old product, and have been putting a lot of thought into what they want to do with it.

After nearly a year of silence, it appears we’re about to hear a whole lot about webOS again.

What say you?  Are you interested in a webOS netbook?

[via preCentral]