A 4G-capable version of the HP TouchPad is now available on Amazon. The 32GB tablet is available for preorder now from the site for $700, $100 more than its regularly-priced Wi-Fi counterpart.

HP ran a sale on the Wi-Fi version of the TouchPad this past weekend, dropping $100 of ts regular price. The tablet received a software update last week that addresses many of the issues current customers had with the device, and started offering a $50 discount on tablets purchased before September 10th.

The 4G version of the tablet currently doesn’t have a release date, however, the fact that it’s even available for preorder indicates that a release date is in our near future, my guess would be after September 10th when the Wi-Fi version of the tablet heads back up to regular price.

Are any of you thinking about getting a 4G TouchPad? What do you think about the $699 price tag?