hp windsornot webos

webOS is kind of like the Phoenix of mobile operating systems. It was birthed by Palm and eventually sold to HP, which essentially brought it down to its knees and killed it off. In fact, HP already technically killed webOS a few years ago. Then it decided that, maybe, webOS could better be served in products like printers instead of smartphones, so it brought webOS back from the dead. LG, too, helped webOS rise from the ashes for its smart TVs when it bought the platform from HP. Now, HP is again killing off support for webOS, this time it appears for good.

"The HP catalog and cloud services support for webOS devices will end on January 15, 2015," HP posted on its developer portal for the platform recently. "We appreciate your loyalty to the webOS platform." That means the remaining folks who still carry webOS devices, the very few of them, won't be supported by HP any longer.

LG, it seems, will continue to use the platform for the foreseeable future, at least supporting the smart TVs that run a version of the operating system. There's even rumor that LG will breathe even more life into webOS with a possible webOS-powered smartwatch.

We'd say rest in peace, webOS, but it hasn't had a chance to rest so far and LG will carry the torch for now. It's the zombie operating system that keeps coming back, just don't expect HP to offer any additional support.