hp windsornot webos

Hewlett-Packard doesn't have the best track record when it comes to smartphones, but it looks like the computer-maker is determined to give it another go. According to a new report from German site Mobile Geeks, HP plans to release a new Windows Phone 8 handset, and it could arrive as soon as the end of 2013.

HP is no stranger to the mobile market. Its line of HP Slate Android-powered tablets have been around since earlier this year, but now the company may use its connections to launch a Windows-powered handset. The news follows Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia's mobile division in a move that has many thinking Redmond is no longer interested in selling its mobile OS to partnered OEMs.

In an interview earlier this summer, an HP executive also confirmed to India Express that the company would re-enter the smartphone market, though he wouldn't reveal when it might launch. The company hasn't released a handset since it bought Palm for $1.2 billion but failed to find success with a series webOS devices due to its own supply and shipping issues.

Update: HP reached out to us with a statement responding to the rumor the company is developing a Windows Phone 8 device:

This story is a fabrication and is not related to anything HP has in the works.  Someone is making stuff up.