HP announced the death of its personal computer business, along with its webOS hardware back in August … or at least that's what we thought. It then went back on that decision just 12 days later, issuing a statement to say that it wasn't quitting the PC business. So what's really going on?

Well, we'll all know by November. HP's newly-appointed CEO, Meg Whitman, has vowed to make a decision about whether or not the company's PC business will be spun off by the end of October.

According to TechRadarWhitman told delegates at Fortune's Most Powerful Women Summit on Tuesday that the fate of HP's PC business is "a decision I'd like to make… certainly by the end of October." Admitting that "uncertainty is not our friend here."

Whitman also admitted that October timescale "may slip a little bit," but did stress that she wanted the process to be "much more accelerated" than it has been up until now.

Leo Apotheker, Whitman's predecessor, previously said that there were three options for HP's PC unit: Spin it off into a separate business, sell it, or just keep it. However, like Whitman, Apotheker was indecisive and couldn't give us an answer.

Whitman says she's "open minded" to the options for the PC business, so while we've been quick to write it off completely, that may not be the case. There is a possibility HP will decide to keep it.

If you were hoping for a new HP PC in the future, then, that dream isn't dead just yet.

Would you like to see HP keep its PC business?

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