A meeting held on Monday may have leaked some details regarding HP’s plans on a webOS Tablet in early 2011, according to sources close to Engadget.

HP Senior Vice President Todd Bradley noted that the first quarter of 2011 would be the target time for when the company would be shipping a tablet loaded with WebOS. The sources also reported that the device may be named Hurricane.

When HP aquired Palm, it had already said that it planned to utilize webOS in multiple varieties across its consumer electronics. Products HP manufactures include tablets, Web-connected printers and smartphones.

HP CTO Shane Robison reiterated to the press that while WebOS may also eventually be an option on their netbook lines, webOS would never replace the productivity options that Microsoft’s Windows OS offers.

Since CES in January, HP has remained quiet on the future of the Windows 7 Slate tablet that they showed off, other than to mention that they were re-considering the product and re-evaluating the next steps in the success of the slate.

[via Engadget]