Electrical retailers all over the world are sat on a pile of 16GB and 32GB TouchPad tablets that they just can’t shift. So what is HP doing to help the situation? Adding a 64GB model to the mix!

64GB HP TouchPad

That’s right — HP has just unveiled a 64GB model of its Wi-Fi only webOS TouchPad tablet. Like the Pre 3, which launched silently earlier this week, the 64GB TouchPad will only be available in Europe initially, making its first appearance on HP’s French website.

In addition to 64GB of storage, the new model also boasts the same 1.5GHz Snapdragon processor that features in its 4G-capable sibling — an improvement over the 1.2GHz chip found in the 16GB and 32GB Wi-Fi only models.

The new device will cost Europeans €599 (approx. $860 or £521) and will also be available in “lacquer white” when it ships in 1-2 weeks. That’s €100 more than the 32GB model, which is currently only available black.

It’s unclear why HP has seemingly snubbed the U.S. for the second time in under a week, with no indication of when the device may be available over the other side of the Atlantic. Of course, with the tablet currently struggling to sell, there’s a chance it may not arrive at all.

Will the 64GB white TouchPad, packed with a faster process and a new white look, persuade anyone to purchase the device? Will it save the first-generation TouchPad tablet? I’d like to think so — I’m secretly a big fan of the webOS operating system — but it’s highly unlikely.

Are you interested in the new TouchPad?

[via Engadget]