HP no doubt faces a steep slope when it comes to getting its products into IT departments, especially now, since manufacturers no longer need to compete with one another for contracts, but also to steer the enterprise away from bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs. HP hopes its new Elite 900 Windows 8 laptop, which could be available as early as this month to some IT departements, will persuade IT managers from going with a BYOD method.

The Elite 900 hasn't been discussed about much, but it was revealed by pundit Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins, who met with HP and learned of the company's plans to launch it, and another device, the Revolve, to IT departments. Since it runs Windows 8, it has the security features that IT departments need. This allows them to work with one platform instead of trying to support several. Under a BYOD approach, for example, someone might try to bring a Mac, a Windows 7 laptop or any other device. And who knows what kind of software has already been preloaded on those devices that could penetrate the network?

"HP is dogfooding these, too, btw. I overheard one of the product guys telling some folks in PR that they should be able to request these devices for use from their managers by December for the Elite 900, and by March for the Revolve," Hopkins said."  "Silicon Valley will probably pan these devices, but the truth of the matter is that every outside the bubble IT security guy I talk to is begging the industry for a viable alternative, so they can ditch their BYOD programs."

Let's hope it works out, for HP's sake.

[via Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins, Silicon Angle]

Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly identified Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins as Mike Lynch.