HP is getting into the 3G data game. Today the company announced Datapass, a service which allows you to purchase 3G data on your laptop. The data is purchased by HP from Sprint, with the company branding the service and setting the customer pricing for it on its own.

The plans are not designed to be used as your exclusive source of internet, but are contract-free plans more for situations where you're out with the laptop and can't find an appropriate Wi-Fi hotspot to connect to. 75MB of data on the service will run you $5, with plans ranging up to 1GB of data for $30. Each plan also has an expiration date associated with it. The 75MB plan, for instance, needs to be used within 5 hours of purchasing it. The 1GB plan; however, can be used over 30 days.

"Operating on the 3G Sprint Nationwide Network, the Peregrine Network Pay As You Roam® technology allows users to forget about searching for a coffee shop to use Wi-Fi, to stop paying for hotel Internet services and to avoid the hassle of long-term contracts and monthly bills," said Matt Carter, President, Sprint Wholesale Solutions. "The prepaid mobile broadband service designed for business customers and powered by Peregrine Network is perfect for busy people or anyone who needs wireless Internet access and wants to pay only when they use it."

The service is available now on select HP EliteBook and ProBook notebooks, with a free 100MB 30-day trial available. What do you think about the service? Can you see yourself paying the high prices to connect while you're out, or would you rather connect to the web some other way?