The race to make a home speaker is continuing to gain momentum. A few days ago Harman Kardon announced it was making a Cortana-powered speaker, now HP is also getting in the home speaker market with its a Cortana speaker of its own.

Microsoft announced that it is partnering up with HP to make a home speaker powered by Cortana similar to Google Home and Amazon Echo. It’s also working with Intel to create a “reference platform,” paving the way to put Cortana in many other devices.

Few details are known about HP’s Cortana speaker, but it’ll work similar to Harman Kardon’s version. It will include 360-degree audio and use Cortana to interact through voice directions. It will also have special functionality with Microsoft’s own services like Skype and Bing.

Expect more companies to create Cortana speakers

As Microsoft pivots into the smart home segment, expect more companies to announce home speakers of their own later this year as well as more information regarding Harman Kardon and HP’s own implementation of their Cortana-powered speakers.