It looks like Apple isn’t going to own the tablet market for long.  With Google set to enter the game in November with a Chrome OS tablet, Palm also confirmed two forthcoming tablets heading to market.  Surely the tablet market is about to heat up and they always say competition always benefits the user.

Yesterday Todd Bradley of HP went on the record during the company’s third quarter earnings call saying, “You’ll see us with a Microsoft product out in the near future and a webOS-based product in early 2011.”  Maybe that ‘near future’ Microsoft product is the presumably dead HP Slate that Steve Ballmer showed off during the Consumer Electronics Show keynote.  Previously it was heard that that HP was scrapping the project to focus on their newly acquired assets.


The more intriguing piece of information came in the second half of Bradley’s statement that come 2011, we can expect an unveiling of a webOS-based ‘product’.  Product is pretty vague but HP was caught registering the trademark PalmPad recently, suggesting that Bradley’s said product is actually a webOS tablet.  It’s either that or an HP printer that’s more capable than anything on the market thanks to its smartphone-like user interface.  PrinterPhone anyone?  Hotcakes I tell ya!

If nothing else, it’s reassuring that HP is actually doing something substantial with the newly acquired Palm.  Whether it’s a tablet, phone, or printer, expect HP to get plenty of press.  After all, it might be their first webOS product release since the acquisition.

What do you think HP should slap webOS on?  Tablets, printers, more smartphones?  Be sure to drop a line in the comments.