HP Chromebox

Google’s line of Chromebooks have already taken the laptop market by storm. So what’s next for Chrome OS? The answer may be your computer’s old monitor. HP recently announced its plans to release a small Chromebox device, following similar news earlier this week from ASUS.

Details surrounding HP’s Chromebox are scarce, but we know it will come with DisplayPort and HDMI support as well as four USB 3.0 ports. It looks like the company will offer the device in black, white and green, while one variant will also pack a powerful Haswell-based Core i7 processor. There’s no word on price, though the i7 model will certainly set you back more than the models that launch without that chip.

If you think this new breed of Chrome OS devices looks familiar you’re right. Google’s latest strategy resembles Apple’s plan to infiltrate the PC market using the Mac Mini, which transformed your monitor into a Mac for as little as $599 when it first launched in 2005. Now Google is attempting the same feat in the hope that consumer will give its web-based OS a try and like it – and at a fraction of the cost.