hp-ceo-meg-whitmanBack in September, HP CEO Meg Whitman was all like, “We have to ultimately offer a smartphone,” and now she’s saying not to expect anything from the company until 2014 at the earliest. So I guess the handset we saw show up in benchmarks was a whole bunch of nothing.

During an analyst’s meeting on Wednesday, Whitman reiterated the company’s plan to jump back into the market, just not in 2013. “I believe that five years from now, if we don’t have a smartphone or whatever the next generation of that device is, we’ll be locked out of a huge segment of the population in many countries of the world,” Whitman said.

We wonder if that “huge segment” of the population will even care in a few year’s time. With companies such as Samsung, Apple, HTC and Nokia controlling the mobile market, I doubt there’s many people out there anticipating the day HP returns to offering a smartphone. If you’re one of the few who are, don’t get your hopes up in 2013, because you’ll be left disappointed, according to Whitman’s comments.

[via TheVerge]