Chief Technolog Officer for HP Rahul Sood’s tweeted up a storm yesterday when mentioning the next step in WebOS’s smartphone roadmap.  Describing the WebOS 2.0 developer preview that was sent out earlier this month as “just a taster,” it seems big things are in store for HP and Palm acquisition that occurred earlier this summer.  But if you ask Sood, it’s all about the next generation of hardware that’ll make all the difference.

Hinting on Twitter Rahul Sood tweeted:

“Everyone will want in once the presentation of hardware is in front of them. Even the defectors will want to own a webOS device.”


It was only last week that Sood dropped a post on Palm’s official blog emphasizing beautiful and powerful hardware that drive innovation on the software end of things.  He sees top of the line hardware as something that’ll pull more developers in, not so much the emphasis on the number of apps in their catalog.  More than that, it seems the install base that gets developers on board quicker than anything.  On that front, Palm’s got plenty of work ahead of them.

Unfortunately, Sood later tweeted:

“… don’t expect anything soon, please stop asking ‘when’ — I’d rather be straight with you. These things take time…”

If you had your hopes up for an imminent announcement, sorry to bring you down.  Though Sood promises a post out “tomorrow” (now today) to clear up some of the unknowns floating around thanks to his incredibly vague yet compelling inside information.  Stay tuned for even the smallest piece of WebOS news.  Until then, feel free to follow the CTO himself on Twitter.