Wow. HP is famously known for purchasing Palm, making an attempt at webOS and then shutting down the mobile operation altogether. It was a sad and confusing day for the tech world, and now HP says it's going to give mobile another try. This time with Android.

ReadWriteWeb and The Verge have both confirmed that HP is working on an Android tablet that's likely to be powered by NVIDIA's new Tegra 4 processor. That means it will have, at the very least, a beefy processor under the hood. Not much else is known about the tablets, but both sources suggested that HP is also interested in re-entering the smartphone market, likely with an Android smartphone. The reports hold some water, too, because the company's CEO said in September that the firm was considering building new phones.

It's fascinating news, but we're wondering how HP thinks it can execute its mobile efforts better this time around. webOS was an amazing platform that was turned to vapor for little to no reason other than HP failed to ship devices fast enough (and in the case of some announced products, ever).